The Make Agency – PR Agency Employs Brilliance

Are you looking for public relations internships in NYC? Consider applying with The Make Agency of NY. We have offices in New York, Los Angeles, and throughout the Middle East. Our PR Agency in New York employs experts in all branches of media affairs to bring our clientele the widest possible variety of services. Our interns must show brilliance, dedication and a burning desire to learn.

Because we provide a wide range of public relations and media services under one roof, interns are responsible for learning about all aspects of our PR Agency from management of special events, international branding to planning business strategies and press conferences.

The Make Agency implements its tailor made three-stage approach to all of our services. First, we discover what the client wants and needs. Second, we set goals and implement our strategic plan. Third, we link customers to our global communications network in order to utilize all of our tools. This three tiered plan puts and emphasis on making dreams and ambitions a reality.

Our public relations New York City branch executes this three-step program with every client that walks through our doors. We arrange special events, build brand recognition, conduct campaigns and rallies, plan business strategies, press releases, press conferences, fundraisers etc. We are truly a full services PR agency.

Our core accounts are in the arts, culture and political advisory niches. It is our job to cross cultural boundaries in such a way that our clients’ products are welcomed wholeheartedly in the global marketplace. Our time tested strategies assure our clients succeed. To learn more about The Make Agency, visit